How to earn money on the internet via Blog

Money has become the need of anyone, whether from small children to adults would need money. 

Either used for what the money is, but people are competing to make money. 

Various ways done to be able to get goods called MONEY, whether it is kosher or
forbidden, some people who have closed their hearts will still do it. 

looking for work directly has been difficult, rivals are everywhere. 

Not only compete with high school graduates, even now compete with graduates of scholars.
The population every day is increasing. 

But job vacancies still remain, that's why there are so many unemployed that it is difficult to earn money. 

Well, now you need to know.

On the internet also we can get money, there are many ways that we can take, depending on our expertise and interests. 

one way to earn money is through Blog, and this I have proved. 

So this paper based on what I know 

if you have talent in the field of write not hurt to try to become a Blogger. 

BUT remember do not make blogs as the main source of income when you are just starting and not yet expert, because you can be frustrated if expect great income from blogs with capabilities that have not been reliable. 

You should often practice and learn about the world of blogging to better understand. 

In the blog world a lot of theories that we must understand. 

Starting from keyword research, SEO, word placement, etc.

but the main one is the contention of a content. 

In the blog we create an article. 

Articles that we make that must be qualified, so will many people visit your blog. 

the average person to google and blog search is to solve a problem. 

For example like this: Indonesian government has set rules about SIM CARD registration using NO NIK & KK, almost all the people of Indonesia already know that. 

But there are still some people who are still confused to register the sim card "APA KEUNTUNGAN DAN KEKURANGANNYA", so the person will try to search through internet to solve the problem. 


when he finds a proper website he might click on it and start reading so the problem will be solved.
Or there will also be typing like this "EFEK TIDAK REGISTRASI ULANG SIM CARD"

Well actually this is tujauan people surfing the internet, to solve their problems.
so if you want create a blog, make a blog useful for others and try that your writing is really original. 

But to be able to appear first page of Google is quite difficult, you must understand the science of SEO. so it can compete for the first position in the eyes of Google 

But for those of you who just plunged into the blog world, do not worry about SEO problems. because if you've often created original content, you will not be enough trouble to create quality SEO articles. 

if you already have visitors per day enough, well from here you can start to earn money.
the average person using Google Adsense because of high pay, but for adsense list is quite difficult. 

But just relax, as long as you wait on receive in google adsense you can try some other ads like Affiliate, which paid every person to buy goods. 

Or pop up ads, everyone who owns them. 

and many others. 

that sure you do not worry too much if your content useful for many people. 

That was enough, because the weather is raining now. It would be nice to enjoy the day with a cup of coffee 

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